Avoiding Temptation on the Long Path to Total Opiate De-addiction

Behavioral changes need to be adopted early in the detox process. Like with most chronic illness, a full cure for opiate de-addiction requires considerable discipline, will power and constant monitoring. Above everything else, it requires a huge change in behavioral patterns. Relapses are very common among people attempting to overcome opiate addiction, as there is Read More

Are You Enabling Your Opiate-addicted Family Member?

Top 4 tips for opiate addiction support Opiate addiction doesn’t just affect the user, it touches the lives of everyone in his or her primary circle. While family and friends are usually extremely supportive, offering the addict love, compassion, and understanding, it could oftentimes prove counter-productive. What can a close friend or family friend do Read More

Opiate Withdrawal – What to Expect When You Are Detoxing

Being prepared for an uncomfortable opiate detox can significantly increase the chances of a full withdrawal The course of true sobriety rarely runs smooth. The first few steps towards de-addiction are the most difficult, and knowing what to expect will go a long way in helping the patient stay the course. Once the level of Read More