Top 4 tips for opiate addiction support

Opiate addiction doesn’t just affect the user, it touches the lives of everyone in his or her primary circle. While family and friends are usually extremely supportive, offering the addict love, compassion, and understanding, it could oftentimes prove counter-productive.

What can a close friend or family friend do to show they care without enabling the addiction?

  1. Say ‘No!’

If you share close familial bonds or living quarters with an opiate addict, chances are that s/he has attempted to emotionally manipulate you for money. While you may find it difficult to refuse a loved one who seems desperate, any attempt to help them with money, transport, or shelter in order to maintain their current lifestyle will only push them further down their path of self destruction. Reassess your financial relationship and learn to say a firm “No!”

  1. Attend Support Groups

Support groups of peers and therapists for families of opiate addicts can prove a huge help in preventing behavioral lapses among enablers. To help your loved one stay the course, you need to show greater determination too.

  1. Educate Yourself

Let your loved one know you understand their struggle. Do not be overly critical of their actions, and instead, attempt to understand that they are battling a sickness. They are quite possibly at the lowest point in their lives, so it is absolutely important to show them support, even when drawing boundaries. When you suggest they attend rehab, do a thorough research so they know you are interested in their recovery and not merely removing them from your presence.

  1. Allow Law Enforcement Officers to Do their Job

Very often, addicts find themselves on the wrong side of the law. Their impaired judgements could cause them to steal money, drugs, purchase drugs illegally or drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol. When the law catches up with them, do not offer them an alibi. Do not use your money or influence to allow them to escape punishment. It is a move that will always backfire.

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