Ottawa’s opioid crisis takes a turn for the worse during coronavirus pandemic

While the opioid crisis in Ottawa has faced serious challenges in recent years…   Front-line workers are reporting that the additional burden of the novel coronavirus outbreak has made the situation much more dire. “I always thought that the opioid crisis was the most intense and challenging thing I would ever experience in my career,” Read More

‘First Shot is Free’: Hundreds Incarcerated in Michigan Offered Opioid Blocker Shots

‘First Shot is Free’ The Michigan Department of Corrections says more than 20% of its inmates have an opioid-use disorder. Wayne County Jail, the state’s largest, has similar numbers. Inmates returning home after incarceration are at acute risk of overdose and death from opioids — between 40 and 120 times more likely to die of an Read More

Fewer Adults Receiving Opioids, Study Finds

Fewer Adults Receiving Opioids, Study Finds Nearly six million fewer adults received an opioid prescription from 2014 to 2016, according to a new analysis that found larger declines among patients who reported having more severe pain. The annual share of adults who were prescribed opioids fell from 12.9% in 2014 to 10.3% in 2016, with Read More

Do courts lack info about medication-assisted treatment as an option for defendants with opioid addiction?

Judges aren’t doctors, and they shouldn’t make decisions on whether medication-assisted treatment is appropriate for defendants addicted to opioids, says Timothy Young, the public defender for Ohio. But some do, he adds, and whether a defendant can be on probation or in drug court while receiving medication-assisted treatment can differ by judge, including those in the Read More