‘First Shot is Free’: Hundreds Incarcerated in Michigan Offered Opioid Blocker Shots

‘First Shot is Free’ The Michigan Department of Corrections says more than 20% of its inmates have an opioid-use disorder. Wayne County Jail, the state’s largest, has similar numbers. Inmates returning home after incarceration are at acute risk of overdose and death from opioids — between 40 and 120 times more likely to die of an Read More

A miracle drug for opioid addiction?

If you’ve been struggling with opioid addiction or have a family member mired in addiction, chances are you’ve heard of Suboxone. Maybe you’ve heard it’s a “miracle drug,” allowing folks with opioid use disorder (OUD) to kick heroin or pills for good, without suffering the unbearable withdrawal that drives addiction. Or maybe you’ve heard Suboxone Read More