Admission to our outpatient program

When the patient comes in, our certified doctor will assess them to obtain a comprehensive physical and mental status – their chronic pain and presence of co-occurring disorders. This will help us outline an optimal treatment and recovery plan. Outpatient treatment allows patients to carry on with their normal lives and is a more affordable alternative. The initial treatment will approximately cost $395 followed by $195 a month thereafter.

Medically supervised and comfortable detox using SUBOXONE

SUBOXONE therapy manages cravings and prevents prolonged withdrawal symptoms to help break the addiction cycle. This process will involve weekly/monthly visits to the clinic.

Therapy or counseling

Counseling helps patients understand the severity of their problem. For patients with co-occurring mental health conditions, counseling sessions with the in-house counselor, Celena will be scheduled based on individual needs.


To ensure sustainable recovery, we encourage you to join the nearest Celebrate Recovery® program even as you attend your monthly counseling sessions with Celena. This helps us identify and prevent a relapse.